*The herald of the POLITICO newsroom*

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  import politicoHermes from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@politico/hermes';



The herald of the POLITICO newsroom

Why This?

The AWS-SDK has a great set of tools for uploading and removing files form S3. Hermes is an opinionated library built on top of that to make publishing easier for those projects that follow our configurations.

Basic Usage

Install the library

$ yarn add @politico/hermes

Import and run in node script in your bin scripts.

/* bin/publish.js */
const hermes = require('@politico/hermes');

  { ...options }

Run the bin script:

$ node bin/publish.js

Customize with options:

  • production: Override using production settings (without this option, PRODUCTION and STAGING will be checked in the environment)
  • ignore: String[] of filenames to ignore in publishing
  • deleteRemoved: Delete files found on S3 that are not present in sourceDirectory

Icon in logo courtesy of: Hermés by IconMark from NounProject.com