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The starting point for new Pota-powered projects.

Usage ✨

To create a new project you can use one of the following methods:

npm init @pota react my-react-app
npx @pota/create vue my-vue-app

Below is a list of all of the officially supported skeletons:

Skeleton Shorthand Version
@pota/webpack-skeleton webpack webpack-skeleton version
@pota/react-skeleton react react-skeleton version
@pota/react-base-skeleton react-base react-base-skeleton version
@pota/vue-skeleton vue vue-skeleton version
@pota/vue-base-skeleton vue-base vue-base-skeleton version

You are by no means limited to the official skeletons. @pota/create supports any npm package as a skeleton, as long as it includes a .pota/config.js file. This also means that skeletons can be git repositories, local folders and anything npm supports as a dependency.

example of a repository skeleton

npm init @pota git@github.com:{user}/{repo}#{branch} my-app

example of a folder skeleton

npx @pota/create file:../this-is-my-local-skeleton my-app

Skeleton Configuration 🔧

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