Demo deployments with sample datasets for Prisma Studio

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  import prismaStudioPreview from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@prisma/studio-preview';


Prisma Studio Demo Deployments

This repository holds all code to deploy a demo version of Studio to Now

Deployment Rules

  • The master branch is always deployed at https://prisma.studio
  • All other branches are deployed at https://<branchName>-prisma-studio.now.sh
  • All pull requests to develop are deployed at https://<prNumber>-prisma-studio.now.sh

Adding a new dataset/project

  1. Create a new branch from develop
  2. Add the new project to packages/preview/projects/index.json. Use a unique ID, a name to be displayed, and optionally, a link to the dataset (ideally on the prisma/prisma-examples GitHub repo)
  3. Create a new folder in packages/preview/projects/ with its name being EXACTLY the same as the new project's ID you decided on in the last step.
  4. Create a packages/preview/projects/<idOfProject>/prisma/ folder and place the schema.prisma and the SQLite DB file inside. Name the SQLite file dev.db.
  5. In the schema.prisma, replace the datasource and generator blocks with the following:
datasource db {
  provider = "sqlite"
  url      = "file:dev.db"

generator photon {
  provider = "prisma-client-js"
  output   = "./photon"
  1. Commit your changes to your branch, then open a pull request to develop
  2. Once all checks complete, you should be able to view your changes over at https://<prNumber>-prisma-studio.now.sh Change me
  3. Once you verify that the dataset works, you can merge it into develop.
  4. Merge develop to master to publish your changes to https://prisma.studio