Player for playing pdf contents for sunbird applications

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import projectSunbirdSunbirdPdfPlayerV8 from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@project-sunbird/sunbird-pdf-player-v8';


Sunbird PDF Player

Player for playing pdf contents for sunbird applications


Node version > 12


npm i @project-sunbird/sunbird-pdf-player-v8

Add the module to the your player root module

import { SunbirdPdfPlayerModule } from '@project-sunbird/sunbird-pdf-player-v8';

  imports: [

add the assets in angular.json file

 "assets": [
                "glob": "**/*",
                "input": "node_modules/@project-sunbird/sunbird-pdf-player-v8/lib/assets/",
                "output": "/assets/"


add peer dependecies of the player as dependecies in your project

add the component selector in your component like below

             [playerConfig]="pdfPlayerConfig" (playerEvent)="pdfEventHandler($event)"

Still facing issues please refer the demo project in this repo as example


check out this repo with latest release version branch

cd to {repo_path} in terminal

run sh setup.sh

above script installs the dependecies and link the pdf player library project to demo app

if you do any changes in library project run to get latest changes in demo app

npm run build-lib-link

once above command completed run npm run start which will run the player in demo app at http://localhost:4200