The protocol buffer compiler plugin "protobuf-ts" generates TypeScript, gRPC-web, Twirp, and more.

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  import protobufTsPlugin from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@protobuf-ts/plugin';



The protocol buffer compiler plugin for TypeScript: protobuf-ts


# with npm:
npm install -D @protobuf-ts/plugin

# with yarn:
yarn add --dev @protobuf-ts/plugin

This will install the plugin as a development dependency.

Basic usage:

npx protoc --ts_out . --proto_path protos protos/my.proto 

With some options:

npx protoc \ 
  --ts_out . \
  --ts_opt long_type_string \
  --ts_opt optimize_code_size \
  --proto_path protos \

protoc is the protocol buffer compiler. protobuf-ts installs it automatically.

Plugin parameters are documented in the MANUAL.
For a quick overview of protobuf-ts, check the repository README.