HTML-based static site generator

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  import prplCore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@prpl/core';



This module consists of four parts:

  • Interpolation functions
  • Library functions
  • Client-side JavaScript files
  • TypeScript types


@prpl/core has one dependency: marked, a markdown compiler. Reasons for relying on it include:

  • It is not practical to implement a markdown compiler within the PRPL library
  • It is fair to assume that most users will author content in markdown given its ubiquity
  • marked itself has zero dependencies and is actively maintained

In the future it may make sense to externalize this dependency, but given the above reasons it is included for now.

Interpolation functions

Core functions that take source code as input, interpolate content as needed and output files for consumption in the browser. All functions have types and explicit comments in the source files so function signatures are omitted here.

Function Description
interpolate Entry point that recursively walks the source file system tree
interpolateHTML Interpolates an HTML file found in interpolate
interpolateList Interpolates a <prpl> tag of type list
interpolatePage Interpolates a <prpl> tag of type page
parsePRPLAttributes Parses attributes of a <prpl> tag
parsePRPLMetadata Parses metadata at the top of each content file
transformMarkdown Transforms markdown into HTML

Library functions

A mix of extended builtin functions and PRPL-specific functions.

Function Description
cache In-memory cache that supports user-defined partitions
cwd Calculates current working directory relative to the calling file
ensureDir Ensure a directory exists given an absolute path
ensureFile Ensure a file exists given an absolute path
exists Check whether an entity exists given an absolute path
generateFileSystemTree Generates an object that represents a file system
generateOrRetrieveFileSystemTree Retrieve a cached file system tree or generate and cache a new one
log Console wrapper providing context and color
readDirSafe Read only directories that have access permission

Client-side JavaScript files

Unless the user opts-out via the options argument in interpolate, this module will include 3 small JavaScript files in the site to enable the PRPL pattern at runtime.

File Description
prefetch Schedule prefetch requests for links found in the current page
prefetchWorker Worker that executes prefetch requests off the main thread
router Router that serves prefetched HTML or gracefully degrades to browser-native routing


TypeScript types that are used in all PRPL modules.

See PRPL types.