ITCSS framework in SCSS dialect. Pixel exact custom design, extendable with components. Based on HaitiCSS

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:eagle: Prudencss - SCSS ITCSS extensible custom design framework

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Inspired by Harry Roberts ITCSS paradigm/CSS architectural pattern.


Being a frontend developer I found myself in the position to implement custom designs and it was rather difficult to use typical CSS component frameworks, because their design wasn't flexible enough. Though some do have themeing possibly other design flexibility mechanisms, I couldn't find a nice way to simply grab some readymade components that would be easy to style. Also, I wanted to be able to have a nice CSS basis ... like, a decent normalizing/reset, utility classes, reusable mechanisms etc ...

Googling around I found HaitiCSS and some other ITCSS frameworks, forked it ... and adapted it somewhat. Now there you go.

I'm trying to develop this CSS basis first and then create js/web-components as well.


Here's some info on ITCSS plus the other ITCSS frameworks: