Airtable Formula Manipulator

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  import qualifyzeAirtableFormulator from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@qualifyze/airtable-formulator';




A library that allows you to formulate airtable formulas in a structured rather than unstructured notation.

Example AND({name}="Robert",{age}>35):

import { Formula } from "airtable-formulator";

const formula: Formula = ["AND", ["=", {field: "name"}, "Robert"], [">", {field: "age"}, 35]];


  • To allow TypeScript detect problems with a formula at build time.
  • To validate a formula at runtime, using JSON Schema, before it gets sent to the Airtable API.
  • For easy runtime manipulations of formulae without risking a code injection vulnerability.



npm install @qualifyze/airtable-formulator


Validate formula:

import { validate } from "airtable-formulator";

const validationErrors = validate(formula);

if (validationErrors.length > 0) {
    throw new Error(`Invalid Formula: ${JSON.stringify(validationErrors, null, 2)}`);

Compile formula:

import { compile } from "airtable-formulator";

const formulaStr = compile(formula);


If Airtable expends their library of functions and operators that can be used in formulae, run:

npm run update-reference

This will update the JSON manifest that lists all available functions and operators.