Elevate asset directories from designated dependencies to the module for distribution

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import raydeckLocalAssets from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@raydeck/local-assets';



Local asset hoister from dependencies


❯ yarn -s local-assets --help
Usage: local-assets [options] [command]

  -h, --help       display help for command

  start            hoist local assets from dependencies
  set-path <path>  set the local assets path (currently ./assets)
  set-usedev       use dev dependencies for asset path search (currently
  set-nodev        do not use dev dependencies for asset path search
                   (currently false)
  help [command]   display help for command


local-assets uses subcommands for its execution pattern

local-assets start

Recursively copy the contents from the subdirectory paths specified by the "path" (e.g. /assets) from each dependency (and devDependency if that setting is on) to the "path" relative to project root. E.g. from dependency my-dependency files and folders in node_modules/my_dependency/assets into ./assets.

local-assets set-path

Establish the relative path to both receive assets from and load them into your root project

local-assets set-usedev

Use development dependencies (in devDependencies) as well as main dependencies to find assets

local-assets set-nodev

Do not use development dependencies.