An opinionated wrapper of nconf optimized for microservices

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  import restorecommerceServiceConfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@restorecommerce/service-config';



An opinionated wrapper of nconf.

Configuration settings are obtain from the following sources in the given order:

  1. Command argument
  2. Environment variables
  3. Configuration files

1.) and 2.) support passing nested object properties with the following pattern:

# Original Configuration JSON file
  "someObject": {
    "paramA": "A"

Can be overridden via env var or command line parameter someObject__paramA. So the nesting is designated by a double underscore.

3.) tries to load the following configuration files from the cfg folder:

  • Default configuration file config.json
  • Additional sub-variants added to the value of the environment variable NODE_ENV for example a value development:development would try to load config_development.json


import { createServiceConfig } from '@restorecommerce/service-config';


const cfg = createServiceConfig('./test', { stageVar: 'NODE_ENV', logger: logger});
const testSetting = cfg.get('test');