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<script type="module">
  import reutersGraphicsGraphicsBin from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@reuters-graphics/graphics-bin';



npm version Reuters open source software


yarn add @reuters-graphics/graphics-bin


    Reuters Graphics CLI

    $ graphics <command> [options]

  Available Commands
    check-graphics-credentials    Check all required graphics credentials are saved locally
    get-google-docs               Fetch data from Google docs and sheets
    git-commit-and-push           Git commit and push to a remote repo
    create-repo                   Create a remote GitHub repository for this project
    trello-create-card            Create a card for this project in Trello
    trello-move-card              Move this project's card in Trello
    make-archie-doc               Create an ArchieML doc from a template for this project
    make-schema                   Make a JSON schema from an existing JSON file
    lock-google-docs              Create JSON schemas for your Google docs

  For more info, run any command with the `--help` flag
    $ graphics check-graphics-credentials --help
    $ graphics get-google-docs --help

    -v, --version    Displays current version
    -h, --help       Displays this message