Common types and objects used in many other Rimbu packages

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  import rimbuCommon from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@rimbu/common';



This package exports common types and objects used in many other Rimbu packages.

Here is a brief overview:

Name Description
CollectFun types and values used in various collect methods in the collection.
Comp an interface and default implementations of comparison functions to order/sort values.
Eq an interface and default implementations of equality functions to check value equality
Err functions to easily create error throwing behavior as fallback values
FastIterable an Iterable implementation that can be more performant than usual iterables
IndexRange utilities to select index ranges in indexed collections
OptLazy a utility to provide values that can optionally be lazy
Range utility types to specify ranges for comparable types
Reducer an API to create reusable pieces of logic that process streams of data that can be processed in parallel
TraverseState a utility for loops to maintain the traversal state
Update a standard way to update a value

Other than these values, there are a number of utility types that are exported that are also used throughout the collection.

For complete documentation please visit the Rimbu Docs.

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All types are exported through @rimbu/core. It is recommended to use that package.

To install this package separately:


yarn add @rimbu/common


npm i @rimbu/common


Create a file called rimbu.ts and add the following:

export * from 'https://deno.land/x/rimbu/common/mod.ts';

Or using a pinned version (x.y.z):

export * from 'https://deno.land/x/rimbu/common@x.y.z/mod.ts';

Then import what you need from rimbu.ts:

import { Eq } from './rimbu.ts';

Because Rimbu uses complex types, it's recommended to use the --no-check flag (your editor should already have checked your code) and to specify a tsconfig.json file with the settings described below.

Running your script then becomes:

deno run --no-check --config tsconfig.json <your-script>.ts


import { Eq } from '@rimbu/common';

console.log(Eq.stringCaseInsentitive()('abc', 'AbC'));
// => true


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