Immutable Graph data structures for TypeScript

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  import rimbuGraphArrowValued from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@rimbu/graph-arrow-valued';



This package contains the implementations for the ArrowValuedGraph type. It was mainly split off to a seperate package from the @rimbu/graph package to descrease build time and memory usage.

This package exports the following types:

Name Description
ArrowValuedGraph<N, V> a generic directed valued graph with nodes of type N, and edge values of type V
ArrowValuedGraphHashed<N, V> a valued directed graph with hashed nodes of type N, and edge values of type V
ArrowvaluedGraphSorted<N, V> a valued directed graph with sorted nodes of type N, and edge values of type V

For complete documentation please visit the Arrow Valued Graph page in the Rimbu Docs.

Or Try Out Rimbu in CodeSandBox.


All types are exported through @rimbu/core. It is recommended to use that package.

To install separately:


yarn add @rimbu/graph-arrow-valued


npm i @rimbu/graph-arrow-valued


Create a file called rimbu.ts and add the following:

export * from 'https://deno.land/x/rimbu/graph-arrow-valued/mod.ts';

Or using a pinned version (x.y.z):

export * from 'https://deno.land/x/rimbu/graph-arrow-valued@x.y.z/mod.ts';

Then import what you need from rimbu.ts:

import { ArrowValuedGraphHashed } from './rimbu.ts';

Because Rimbu uses complex types, it's recommended to use the --no-check flag (your editor should already have checked your code) and to specify a tsconfig.json file with the settings described below.

Running your script then becomes:

deno run --no-check --config tsconfig.json <your-script>.ts


Arvid Nicolaas


Feel very welcome to contribute to further improve Rimbu. Please read our Contributing guide.


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Licensed under the MIT License, Copyright © 2020-present Arvid Nicolaas.

See LICENSE for more information.