A template for use with @wordpress/create-block to support multiple blocks

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  import ryanwelcherMultipleBlocksTemplate from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ryanwelcher/multiple-blocks-template';



This template will scaffold a plugin that is set up for registering multiple blocks in a single plugin create using the @wordpress/create-block tool.


Run the following in the terminal of your choice:

npx @wordpress/create-block example-plugin --template @ryanwelcher/multiple-blocks-template

The name of the plugin ( example-plugin in the example above) is used as both the name of the plugin and the name of the block being created. This is due to the current @wordpress/create-block tool expecting a single block per plugin.


Once the command has completed, the following structure will be created.

- assets - this contains an internal template for subsequent blocks
- build
- includes
--> block-editor
---> blocks
----> {example-block}
-----> block.json
-----> edit.js
-----> editor.scss
-----> index.js
-----> save.js
-----> style.scss

Adding another block requires the following steps:

  1. From the root of the plugin, cc into the includes/block-editor/blocks directory
  2. Run the following command: `npx @wordpress/create-block --template ../../../assets
  3. Add a new entry point in webpack.config.js that points to the new block.
  4. Update the $blocks array in the main plugin php file to include the new block.
  5. Update the editorScripts, editorStyles, and styles items in the newly added block.