Salesforce Lightning Design System for React

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  import salesforceDesignSystemReact from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@salesforce/design-system-react';


Design System for React

Accessible, localization-friendly, presentational React components


$ npm install @salesforce-ux/design-system @salesforce/design-system-react

Getting Started

Welcome to the project! :wave: This library is the React implementation of the Salesforce Lightning Design System. This library has a peer dependency on @salesforce-ux/design-system, react, and react-dom.

Quick Setup (CommonJS)

A CommonJS-compatible version has been included within the NPM package to allows usage without transpiling. Use the following named import syntax to access CommonJS components from /lib/index.js:

import { Button } from '@salesforce/design-system-react';

<Button label="Hello Button" />

Recommended Usage (ES6 modules)

Recommended usage requires that your babel presets are set up correctly. create-react-app and environments that do not transpile code within node_modules are not compatible with the component import below. All the examples on the documentation site use this syntax. You can use the Babel preset, @salesforce/babel-preset-design-system-react, to get started. This preset will keep Babel compatible with Design System React and allow ES6 module benefits such as tree-shaking.

import Button from '@salesforce/design-system-react/components/button';

<Button label="Hello Button" />

Transpile with .babelrc settings

  "presets": ["@salesforce/babel-preset-design-system-react"]


Got feedback?

If you have support questions, please post a question to StackOverflow and tag with design-system-react. If you find any bugs, create a GitHub Issue.