Salesforce CLI plugin for mobile extensions to Local Development

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Salesforce CLI Mobile Extensions

The Salesforce CLI Mobile Extensions allow you to extend the local preview capabilities of the Local Development Server plug-in. You can see live previews of your Lightning Web Components on virtual mobile devices for iOS and Android.

Note: This feature is in beta, and may contain significant problems, undergo major changes, or be discontinued. If you encounter any problems, or want to request an enhancement, please open a GitHub Issue.


System Requirements

  • Developer Hub-enabled org
  • Most recent stable version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge web browser
  • Supported Windows versions: Windows 10 or later
  • Supported Mac versions: macOS 10.14.4 or later
  • Salesforce CLI

To develop Lightning web components, use your favorite code editor. We recommend using Visual Studio Code because its Salesforce Extensions for VS Code provide powerful features for development on Lightning Platform.


  1. Open a new terminal window and run the following command to install the Mobile Extensions:

     sfdx plugins:install @salesforce/lwc-dev-mobile
  2. Check for updates to the plug-in:

     sfdx plugins:update



The Mobile Extensions plug-in can run only in the context of an SFDX project. See the installation instructions of the Local Development plug-in for all SFDX project setup requirements.


The Mobile Extensions plug-in supports two commands.


Setup helps you set up virtual mobile devices—iOS simulators and Android emulators—in your local environment.

sfdx force:lightning:local:setup -p <mobile platform>
  • -p, --platform=platform Specify platform ('iOS' or 'Android')

For example:

$ sfdx force:lightning:local:setup -p iOS


Preview extends the local preview capabilities of the Local Development Server plug-in. With Mobile Extensions, you can use this plug-in to preview your Lightning Web Components on virtual mobile devices.

sfdx force:lightning:lwc:preview -n <component name> -p <mobile platform>] [-t <target>]
  • -n, --componentname=componentname The LWC component name
  • -p, --platform=platform Specify platform ('iOS' or 'Android')
  • -t, --target=target Specify name of target simulator or emulator

For example:

$ sfdx force:lightning:lwc:preview -p Android -t LWCEmulator -n HelloWorldLwcComponent

Visual Studio Code

We also provide a Visual Studio Code extension that exposes the Preview functionality through the IDE. That functionality is currently developed as part of the Salesforce Extensions for VS Code.

Plugin Development

If you intend to develop or test drive the plug-in locally, this section will help you set up your development environment.

Checkout and Build Locally

After you clone or fork this repo, run the following commands in the root folder of your local repo:

$ yarn install && yarn build
$ yarn test 

Install the Plug-in

From the top-level folder of the plug-in:

$ sfdx plugins:link .

Uninstall the Plug-in

From the top-level folder of the plug-in:

$ sfdx plugins:uninstall .