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  import salesforcePluginGenerator from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@salesforce/plugin-generator';



This is the generator plugin for building plugins for the Salesforce CLI. The generated sfdx plugin and command are built on top of the oclif cli framework. A plug-in adds functionality to Salesforce CLI. Some plug-ins are provided by Salesforce and are installed by default when you install the CLI. Some plug-ins, built by Salesforce and others, you install. When you have a requirement that an existing plug-in doesn’t meet, you can build your own using Node.js.

Note: As of @salesforce/command@1.3.0, if you want to override the static usage property you must use a getter. For consistency, we recommend keeping the standard behavior rather than overriding the usage property.


Check Your Salesforce CLI Version

Starting with Salesforce CLI version 6.8.2, the plug-in generator is offered as a core plugin and can be used out of the box. To check your Salesforce CLI version:

$ sfdx --version
sfdx-cli/6.42.0-ae478b3cb8 (darwin-x64) node-v8.9.4

Generate a Salesforce CLI Plugin

Follow the **Salesforce CLI Plug-In Developer Guide **to create and update your plug-in. In the guide you will discover how to develop your own plug-ins for Salesforce CLI. Explore the Salesforce CLI architecture. Learn how to generate a plug-in using Salesforce Plug-In Generator, how to use Salesforce’s libraries to add functionality to your plug-in, and how to debug issues. Learn about our suggested style guidelines for naming and messages, and about our recommended best practices for plug-ins. And, peruse useful resources.

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