Utils for writing deploy and retrieve plugins

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The @salesforce/sf-pluins-core provides utilities for writing sf plugins.

SfCommand Abstract Class

The SfCommand abstract class extends @oclif/core's Command class for examples of how to build a definition. ) class and adds useful extensions to ease the development of commands for use in the Salesforce Unified CLI.

  • SfCommand takes a generic type that defines the success JSON result
  • Enable the json flag support by default
  • Provides functions that help place success messages, warnings and errors into the correct location in JSON results
  • Enables additional help sections to the standard oclif command help output
  • Provides access to the cli-ux cli actions via the public property spinner in SfCommand. This avoids having to import that interface from cli-ux.

Sf Hooks

Interface that defines the well known Unified CLI command hooks. SfHooks takes advantage of the oclif hooks framework, which provides a set of predefined events and the provides ability to define your own.

A hook has a name, say sf:deploy and to participate in the hook's run call, one creates a hook consumer, that registers itself using the name sf:deploy. There can be more than one hook registered with the same name and when the hook is "run", oclif hook will run each registered hook consumer, collect all results and return those results to the caller.

Deployer Interface

Interface for deploying Deployables. See @salesforce/plugin-deploy-retrieve-metadata#src/utils/metadataDeployer.ts as an example implementation.

Deauthorizer Abstract Class

The Deauthorizer is an abstract class that is used to implement a concrete implementations of deauthorizing an environment.

Prompter Class

A general purpose class that prompts a user for information. See inquirer NPM Module for more information.


Flags is a convenience reference to @oclif/core#Flags