JavaScript library to run Salesforce metadata deploys and retrieves

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  import salesforceSourceDeployRetrieve from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@salesforce/source-deploy-retrieve';


Salesforce source-deploy-retrieve

CircleCI License npm (scoped) Commitizen friendly


A JavaScript toolkit for working with Salesforce metadata. Built to support the SFDX deploy and retrieve experience in the Salesforce VS Code Extensions, CLI plugins, and other tools working with metadata.


  • Resolve Salesforce metadata files into JavaScript objects
  • Parse and generate manifest files
  • Convert source files between SFDX File Formats
  • Generate metadata packages with the option to automatically create a zip file
  • Deploy and retrieve metadata with an org
  • An index to reference available metadata types.
  • Utilize promises with async/await syntax


Install the package:

npm install @salesforce/source-deploy-retrieve

See HANDBOOK.md for usage and examples.


See CONTRIBUTING.md for details on how to contribute to the library.

See developing.md for details on building and testing the library locally.


SDR publishes when changes are merged into main. The version is bumped per the rules of the release orb and standard-version.