A SaltyRTC Relayed Data task implementation.

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  import saltyrtcTaskRelayedData from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@saltyrtc/task-relayed-data';


SaltyRTC Relayed Data Task for JavaScript

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This is a SaltyRTC Relayed Data task implementation for JavaScript (ES5 / ES2015), written in TypeScript 2.


Via npm

You can install this library (and its peer dependencies) via npm:

npm install --save @saltyrtc/task-relayed-data @saltyrtc/client tweetnacl msgpack-lite


Create a new task instance:

const task = new RelayedDataTask();

(If you want to enable debug console messages, you can pass true to the constructor:)

const task = new RelayedDataTask(true);

Once the connection is established (when the SaltyRTC instance raises the state-change:task event), you can send messages using the sendMessage method:

task.sendMessage({"type": "custom", "value": "You can also send objects"});

When a new message arrives from the peer, an event is emitted. You can register and deregister event handlers with the on, once and off methods:

task.on('data', (ev) => {
    console.log('New data message arrived:', ev.data);

The following events are available:

  • data: A new message from the peer was received.


To run tests:

npm run build_tests

Then open tests/testsuite.html in your browser.

To run linting checks:

npm run lint

You can also install a pre-push hook to do the linting:

echo -e '#!/bin/sh\nnpm run lint' > .git/hooks/pre-push
chmod +x .git/hooks/pre-push


Responsible Disclosure / Reporting Security Issues

Please report security issues directly to one or both of the following contacts:


MIT, see LICENSE.md.