A type detection utility for JavaScript

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A type detection utility for JavaScript.

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Sometimes there is a need to know what a value's type of something is, this package exists to satisfy those needs by implementing a parser that can retrieve the type of the value recursively and process a string similar to TypeScript's types.


  • Written in TypeScript
  • Bundled with Rollup so it can be used in NodeJS and browsers
  • Offers CommonJS, ESM and UMD bundles
  • Fully tested


yarn add @sapphire/type
# npm install @sapphire/type


Note: While this section uses require, the imports match 1:1 with ESM imports. For example const { Type } = require('@sapphire/type') equals import { Type } from '@sapphire/type'.

Note: When using ESM syntax you can also default-import Type class: import Type from '@sapphire/type'.

Note: The internal functions of getPromiseDetails and getProxyDetails are also exported. If you don't know what these are, then you need not be concerned about this.

Basic Usage

// Import the Type class
const { Type } = require('@sapphire/type');

// Define a Type with an array of two numbers
const type = new Type([1, 2]);

// Logs: Array<number>

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