UI component for a 3D force-directed graph using ThreeJS and ngraph.forcelayout3d layout engine

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<script type="module">
  import sdesalas3dForceGraph from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sdesalas/3d-force-graph';


3D Force-Directed Graph


A web component to represent a graph data structure in a 3-dimensional space using a force-directed iterative layout. Uses ThreeJS/WebGL for 3D rendering and either d3-force-3d or anvaka's ngraph for the underlying physics engine.

Quick start

import ForceGraph3D from '3d-force-graph';


var ForceGraph3D = require('3d-force-graph');

or even

<script src="//unpkg.com/3d-force-graph/dist/3d-force-graph.min.js"></script>


var myGraph = ForceGraph3D(myDOMElement, { width: 500, lineOpacity: 0.5 });

API reference

Option Description Default
width([px]) Canvas width <window width>
height([px]) Canvas height <window height>
graphData([data]) Graph data structure (see below for syntax details) { nodes: [], links: [] }
jsonUrl([url]) URL of JSON file to load graph data directly from, as an alternative to specifying graphData directly
numDimensions([int]) Number of dimensions to run the force simulation on (1, 2 or 3) 3
nodeRelSize([num]) Ratio of node sphere volume (cubic px) per value unit 4
lineOpacity([num]) Line opacity of links, between [0,1] 0.2
autoColorBy([str]) Node object accessor attribute to automatically group colors by, only affects nodes without a color attribute
idField([str]) Node object accessor attribute for unique node id (used in link objects source/target) id
valField([str]) Node object accessor attribute for node numeric value (affects sphere volume) val
nameField([str]) Node object accessor attribute for name (shown in label) name
colorField([str]) Node object accessor attribute for node color (affects sphere color) color
linkSourceField([str]) Link object accessor attribute referring to id of source node source
linkTargetField([str]) Link object accessor attribute referring to id of target node target
forceEngine([str]) Force-simulation engine to use (d3 or ngraph) d3
warmupTicks([int]) Number of layout engine cycles to dry-run at ignition before starting to render 0
cooldownTicks([int]) How many build-in frames to render before stopping and freezing the layout engine Infinity
cooldownTime([num]) How long (ms) to render for before stopping and freezing the layout engine 15000
resetProps() Reset all component properties to their default value

Input JSON syntax

    "nodes": [ 
          "id": "id1",
          "name": "name1",
          "val": 1 
          "id": "id2",
          "name": "name2",
          "val": 10 
    "links": [
            "source": "id1",
            "target": "id2"

Local development

npm install
npm run watch