Synchronization app for workplans in ConnectWise.

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  import sdinteractiveConnectwiseWorkplan from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sdinteractive/connectwise-workplan';


ConnectWise Workplanning CLI Tools

A CLI node app for synchronizing JSON workplanning files to ConnectWise.


Note that the commands offer an CLI. 🤓

Command Purpose
yarn createjs [--project="Kravet"] [--phase="Sprint 2"] [--create-phase] Create Tickets or Phases
yarn apply Apply Workplan to a Project

REST Configuration

  1. Copy config.json.sample to config.json.
  2. In ConnectWise, go to My Account (normally via your name in top right.)
  3. Select the API Keys tab. You may need to click the gear icon to make it visible.
  4. Add a new entry using the + or Add button, enter any Description, and save.
  5. Copy the generated public key and private key to the corresponding fields in config.json.