Quicktravel Printing Integration

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Provides a wrapper api which hides the underlying printing services in QuickTravel. If required you can also manually invoke the underlying API service.

PrintService (Recommended API)

QuickTravel API endpoints require a CSRF token you must provide as a constructor option.

const config = {
  quicktravel: {
    host: 'hostName',
    bearerToken: 'bearerToken'
  config: {
    host: 'hostName',
    bearerToken: 'bearerToken'

const service = new PrintService(config)
  • printTickets
  • issueTickets
  • voidTickets
  • printReservations
  • reprintTickets
  • voidTickets
  • printReceipt


  • voidTickets
  • reprintTickets
  • printReceipt
  • issueAndPrint
  • issueTickets


  • print-tickets

Printers Config

  • listPrintGroups
  • listPrintGroupsPrinters


Build / Deployment is handled via travis CI. Package management is via NPM.

First create the release branch

git branch release/0.3.0

Second Update package.json and specify the version you are releasing

Next Tag and push to travis

git tag v0.3.0
git push origin master --tags

Remember to merge changes back to the master branch