An extendable istanbuljs/nyc configuration for TypeScript

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An extendable istanbuljs/nyc configuration for TypeScript.

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Table of Contents

About the Package

This package is an extendable nyc configuration for TypeScript codebases. The configuration requires at least 85% code coverage, with watermarks at 80% and 90%.

Learn more about nyc configuration.


npm install -D @seantrane/nyc-config-typescript


Use the "extends": "@seantrane/nyc-config-typescript" property in your nyc config, then add any additional configuration as required.

Using package.json file:

  "nyc": {
    "extends": "@seantrane/nyc-config-typescript"

Using .nycrc file:

  "extends": "@seantrane/nyc-config-typescript"


Submit an issue, in which you should provide as much detail as necessary for your issue.


Contributions are always appreciated. Read CONTRIBUTING.md documentation to learn more.


Release details are documented in the CHANGELOG.md file, and on the GitHub Releases page.


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2018 Sean Trane Sciarrone