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A Cloud-Native Security Monitoring and Protection for Modern Applications

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SecureNative Node.JS agent provides application security monitoring and protection from OWASP TOP 10 security threats at run-time through dynamic instrumentation of business logic and user behaviour.

SecureNative monitors and protects applications from common security threats such as:

  • Bad bots
  • 3rd party packages vulnerabilities
  • SQL/NoSQL injections
  • XSS attacks
  • Massive security scans
  • Raise of HTTP errors (40X, 50X)
  • Anomaly Usage
  • Content Scrapping
  • Adaptive Authentication, prevent ATO (Account Takeover)


Please create free account at register to get api key.

Install SecureNative agent:

npm i @securenative/agent

Verify that @securenative/agent appears in your package to your package.json.

cat > securenative.json <<EOF

Add SecureNative as first dependency to your main module



Option Type Optional Default Value Description
SECURENATIVE_API_KEY string false none SecureNative api key
SECURENATIVE_APP_NAME string false package.json Name of application source
SECURENATIVE_API_URL string true https://api.securenative.com/v1/collector Default api base address
SECURENATIVE_INTERVAL number true 1000 Default interval for SDK to try to persist events
SECURENATIVE_HEARTBEAT_INTERVAL number true 1000 Default agent hearbeat interval
SECURENATIVE_MAX_EVENTS number true 1000 Max in-memory events queue
SECURENATIVE_TIMEOUT number true 1500 API call timeout in ms
SECURENATIVE_AUTO_SEND Boolean true true Should api auto send the events
SECURENATIVE_DISABLE Boolean true true Allow to disable agent functionality
SECURENATIVE_DEBUG_MODE Boolean true false Displays debug info to stdout


This agent is compatible with Node.js 8 and higher.

For other compatibility related information, please visit the compatibility page.


For more details, please visit documentation page, available on docs.securenative.com.