Seedrs eslint config for React

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  import seedrsEslintConfigSeedrsReact from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@seedrs/eslint-config-seedrs-react';


Seedrs React eslint config

This is the Seedrs React eslint configuration. This configuration should be used in all React projects and can be extended if needed.

It borrows heavily from eslint-plugin-react React style guide but with some differences.


The documentation for the following list of applied rules can be found in the yannickcr/eslint-plugin-react rep

  1. react/jsx-key
  2. react/jsx-no-comment-textnodes
  3. react/jsx-no-duplicate-props
  4. react/jsx-no-target-blank
  5. react/jsx-no-undef
  6. react/jsx-uses-react
  7. react/jsx-uses-vars
  8. react/no-children-prop
  9. react/no-danger-with-children
  10. react/no-deprecated
  11. react/no-direct-mutation-state
  12. react/no-find-dom-node
  13. react/no-is-mounted
  14. react/no-render-return-value
  15. react/no-string-refs
  16. react/no-unescaped-entities
  17. react/no-unknown-property
  18. react/prop-types
  19. react/react-in-jsx-scope
  20. react/require-render-return