Finds the top domain for a URL

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  import segmentTopDomain from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@segment/top-domain';



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Constructs possible levels from a url and attempts to set a cookie "." + domain for each, when it succeeds it returns the top level domain.

This only works on the domain itself, since it attempts to set a cookie.


$ npm install @segment/top-domain


var domain = require('top-domain');

assert('google.com' == domain('http://www.google.com'));
assert('google.co.uk' == domain('http://www.google.co.uk'));
assert('google.co.uk' == domain('http://google.co.uk'));
assert('github.com' == domain('http://gist.github.com/calvinfo/some_file'));
assert('' == domain('http://localhost:3000'));
assert('google.com' == domain('https://google.com:443/stuff'));
assert('' == domain('http://dev:3000'));
assert('' == domain(''));
assert('' == domain(''));