Sync all of our packages with Composer, Git, NPM, etc...

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Sync Package

This package simplifies updating and syncing projects within your directories.

Simply provide a list of the directories you want to be automatically synchronized.

Currently supports the following:

  • NPM
  • Composer
  • Laravel / Artisan

Clone the package locally

Pull in the package locally to make adjustments / edits:


You can provide a custom projects.json file by saving this file in your user directory and running the following flag:

sync -p Sites/projects.json

Example projects.json File

        "folder": "Sites/snaptrack/assets",
        "steps": ["npm", "composer", "artisan"]
        "folder": "Sites/snaptrack/auth",
        "steps": ["npm", "composer", "artisan"]

Update Projects To Sync

To update the projects.json file after installing locally, navigate to the following folder directory to edit the file:


Note Do not forget to remove the final trailing comma to make this a valid JSON document, if you leave the final comma after the last object, it will throw an error.


To pull in updates of the globally installed package, run the following:

npm install -g @seivad/sync


Step Options Available

  • composer
  • artisan
  • npm


Currently the options will run in the following order

  • composer
  • artisan
  • npm

Install the sync helper globally

To be able to run the sync helper from any directory, please install globally using the command below:

From the package

npm install -g .

From NPM Repository

npm install -g @seivad/sync

Run the Sync Helper

Examples include:

Defaults to local development environment and staging branch

node . 

or provide the specific development environment and branch you require

node . --branch master --env production

or if installed globally:

sync --projects Sites/projects.json


The Composer step will run the following command

  • composer update


The Artisan (Laravel) step will run the following commands

  • php artisan migrate --force --no-interaction
  • php artisan config:clear
  • php artisan route:clear
  • php artisan cache:clear
  • php artisan queue:restart


The NPM step will run the following commands

  • npm install
  • npm run {environment; defaults to local}