Web GUI/Monitor for Nelson, a P2P manager for IOTA's IRI node

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Deviota Nelson GUI/Monitor

This is a small http server that monitors the Nelson instance and outputs the status as a web page. Based on create-react-app.

Getting Started


  • A Nelson instance (including IRI) should be running locally on your machine.
  • node (version >6.9) and yarn and npm should be installed
  • install serve globally: sudo npm install -g serve
  • Use Firefox or Chrome browsers; there may be problems with IE (specially everything before Edge)


Globally install Nelson

npm install -g @semkodev/nelson.gui

And run it

nelson.gui -p 5000

Running as a service

You can use the node process manager to run Nelson GUI as a service. Just do the following:

# Install the process manager:
npm install pm2 -g

# Make pm2 start at startup:
pm2 startup

# Start the Nelson GUI as service
pm2 start nelson.gui --port 3333

# Save current processes runing with pm2 to startup on boot:
pm2 save


Provided you have docker installed, Nelson GUI can be started as follows:

docker run <docker opts> semkodev/nelson.gui <nelson.gui command line opts>

Installing Manually

Clone the project

git clone git@gitlab.com:semkodev/nelson.gui.git
cd nelson.gui
yarn install --pure-lockfile
node build/nelson.gui.js

Now your server runs at http://localhost:5000

Connecting to Nelson on another host/port

Is your Nelson's API running on a non-standard host:port (localhost:18600)? Simply provide it when starting the GUI:

nelson.gui -p 5000 --apiHostname another.hostname.com --apiPort 123456

The data is refreshed automatically each 5 seconds (or at the heartbeat rate of your Nelson)

Connecting to Nelson +v.0.4.0 with username/password

If your Nelson's API is username/password protected (strongly recommended!), you can specify the credentials in the URL:


This is the simplest way. A better login window is coming soon.

NOTE: If your Nelson API is not password protected, the GUI will scramble all the hostnames and IPs for security reasons.


The monitor is under heavy development. Please be patient. Contribution / Pull Requests are welcome, but at this early stages where so much changes, your work might become quickly non-mergeable and thus be in vain. Please, for now, refrain to small PRs, thank you!


Donations always welcome:


What's Next

  • Make it responsive
  • Add optional listing of all known hosts (already fetching)
  • Add a dialog to change hostname/port of Nelson
  • Implement Menu
  • Add some visualization of nodes / connections
  • Add favicon / logo and some visuals
  • Add version of the package to the Web output
  • Add tests
  • Improve documentation & clean up code
  • ...