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What's Semo?

Semo is a command-line tool framework, based on Yargs. It can be used to make your commands and scripts interact with your project in same way.


  • Less concepts(command, plugin, hook, config), but more powerful.
  • All of plugins, commands, configs can be overridden in conventional order.
  • Easily register a command to Semo, so you can combine your team toolbox or workflow to Semo
  • A plugable REPL, it's not just like native node REPL, you can hook anything into REPL, which is also support await promise or generator functions.
  • Ability to extend command's subcommands in other plugins.
  • Provide a simple code generator mechanism.
  • Support npm organization plugins.


  • Consistency
  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency

Installation & Usage

$ npm i -g @semo/cli
$ semo help

semo [命令]

  semo completion                     Generate completion script
  semo create <name> [repo] [branch]  Create a new project from specific repo                               [aliases: c]
  semo generate <component>           Generate component sample code                                        [aliases: g]
  semo init                           Init basic config file and directories                                [aliases: i]
  semo repl                           Play with REPL                                                        [aliases: r]
  semo run <PLUGIN> [COMMAND...]      Run any plugin command directly
  semo status                         Show environment status info                                         [aliases: st]

  --version   显示版本号                                                                                          [布尔]
  -h, --help  显示帮助信息                                                                                        [布尔]

Find more information at https://semo.js.org

Please refer to the documentation to learn how to use Semo, because you need to do the integration by yourself to make Semo work with your project.



  • Node > v8.0