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  import senchaExtAngularBoilerplate from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sencha/ext-angular-boilerplate';



Steps to create a new theme

In root of new app - Generate new theme

npx ext-angular generate theme --name my-theme

in webpack.config.js

new ExtWebpackPlugin({
  framework: 'angular',
  toolkit: 'modern',
  theme: 'my-theme'

Go to newly created theme folder

cd ext-angular/packages/my-theme

Create a theme file and add a variable

cd sass/src
mkdir Ext
cd Ext
touch Component.scss

in Component.scss (save the file after editing)

$base-color: blue;

at the root of the app, start application in development mode

npm start

make a change in Component.scss (save the file after editing)

$base-color: red;

app should now have red titlebar