An extensible bot framework that makes sense.

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The no tears extensible bot framework.



Gateways are objects that manage the connection and communication with an online service. They're used to send, receive and handle messages.

Example Gateways

Our current roadmap for gateways is as follows:

  • IRC
  • Slack
  • Discord
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Telegram
  • Twilio


Agents are objects that namespace one or more command listeners for a Sensate. You can think of them as plugins, but they're more like collections of plugins.

Example Agents

  • Toggl: Providing a variety of commands for creating, listing and tracking time entries.
  • Dictionary: Providing synonyms, antonyms, definitions etc. for given words.
  • IMDB: Providing information about actors, movies, directors etc.
  • Random: Providing dice rolls, random generated names, colors, etc.


Please open any issues or pull requests and I will look through them once I have the time. I'm open to most contributions but can be a bit picky about coding styles.