Sensio API module

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import sensioApi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sensio/api';



Type generation and augmentation

Please check this post on Polkadot-js/api documentation.

In order to generate the types and augmentations please run yarn build:types from root of this package or from the root of this repo.

Maintaining the types is done in the corresponding folder under interfaces/palletName/definitions.ts, then it must be imported in the interfaces/definitions.ts file. After that run the gen script.

NOTE - Chain must be available on the local address, http://localhost:9933


Along with methods supported by Polkadot this module internally uses custom pallets in the following format api.pallets.<pallet_name> and exposes functions for creating proofs, rules and operations . Note that any library specific code will not be included in order to retain the possibility to develop library specific packages eg . @sensio/react.


Install the module:

yarn add @sensio/api

This module is built using Typescript so there is no need to install additional types. :fire:

import { api } from '@sensio/api'
;(async () => {
  // Connect to Sensio Network API
  const connection = await api()

Available pallets:

  • api.pallets.operations
  • api.pallets.rules
  • api.pallets.poe

Adding child operations :warning:

Current api design challenge that we are facing is adding child operations. Suppose you created a rule and you added two operations as direct children:

Rule ->
    Operation 1
    Operation 2

How would API need to be designed in order to allow adding child operation to the Operation 1 to achieve this structure:

Rule ->
    Operation 1 ->
        Operation 1a
    Operation 2

Proposal #1: Chainig

  .addOperation({ ...operation })
  .addChildOperation({ ...operation })

Proposal #2: Functional

const { create, addOperation, addChildOperation } = api.pallets.rule
const rule = {} // actuall rule object
addOperation(rule, op)

Roadmap :pushpin:


  • create rule
  • add operation
  • add child operation
  • save rule to the network


  • create operation


  • create proof