Sentivate Network Client, Server Module, UDSP, & certificate generation. This serves as a network & browser prototype.

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SNTVT - Experimental Network

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Experimental Branch of the Sentivate Network

  • This code base release is focused on the client/server modules, extending into core systems, & Browser.
  • UDSP in this branch does not include reliability and is for local network testing only.
  • NPM run server starts up a basic Universal Web Server
  • NPM run start will simulate a client to server UDSP connection in the Universal Web Browser (UWB).
  • This code base's core focus is UDSP and a client and server connection.
  • Root is used to generate root certificates only.
  • Client includes Identity Certificate generation examples.
  • Check the package.json for full list of commands.


  • Node
  • NPM
  • nodemon (global)
  • Preferred operating systems for development are Mac and then Linux - Expect turbulence in windows