Sentry wizard helping you to configure your project

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Sentry Wizard

Helping you to set up your project with Sentry

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Wizard in action


Install it with npm or yarn

npm install @sentry/wizard

Call sentry-wizard in your project and follow the instructions.


  --help             Show help                                         [boolean]
  --version          Show version number                               [boolean]
  --debug            Enable verbose logging
                     env: SENTRY_WIZARD_DEBUG                          [boolean]
  --uninstall        Revert project set up process
                     env: SENTRY_WIZARD_UNINSTALL                      [boolean]
  --skip-connect     Skips the connection to the server
                     env: SENTRY_WIZARD_SKIP_CONNECT                   [boolean]
  --quiet            Do not fallback to prompting user asking questions
                     env: SENTRY_WIZARD_QUIET                          [boolean]
  -i, --integration  Choose the integration to set up
                     env: SENTRY_WIZARD_INTEGRATION
                       [choices: "reactNative", "cordova", "electron", "nextjs"]
  -p, --platform     Choose platform(s)
                     env: SENTRY_WIZARD_PLATFORM
                                             [array] [choices: "ios", "android"]
  -u, --url          The url to your Sentry installation
                     env: SENTRY_WIZARD_URL      [default: "https://sentry.io/"]


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