Minimalistic boilerplate to quick-start Node.js development in TypeScript.

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Minimalistic boilerplate to jump-start a Node.js project in TypeScript 3.2.

What's included:

Quick start

This project is intended to be used with the latest Active LTS release of Node.js. To start, just clone the repository with following commands:

git clone https://github.com/jsynowiec/node-typescript-boilerplate
cd node-typescript-boilerplate
npm install

or download and unzip current master branch:

wget https://github.com/jsynowiec/node-typescript-boilerplate/archive/master.zip -O node-typescript-boilerplate
unzip node-typescript-boilerplate.zip && rm node-typescript-boilerplate.zip

Now start adding your code in the src and unit tests in the __tests__ directories. Have fun and build amazing things 🚀

Unit tests in JavaScript

Writing unit tests in TypeScript can sometimes be troublesome and confusing. Especially when mocking dependencies and using spies.

This is optional, but if you want to learn how to write JavaScript tests for TypeScript modules, read the corresponding wiki page.

Available scripts

  • clean - remove coverage data, Jest cache and transpiled files,
  • build - transpile TypeScript to ES6,
  • build:watch - interactive watch mode to automatically transpile source files,
  • lint - lint source files and tests,
  • test - run tests,
  • test:watch - interactive watch mode to automatically re-run tests


Licensed under the APLv2. See the LICENSE file for details.