React UI Kit Collections

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  import sergiogc9ReactUiCollections from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sergiogc9/react-ui-collections';


React UI Collections

This package exports some components built with many components included in my React UI library based on a design system using React, styled-components, styled-system and more.

See more info about the library HERE.

ℹ️ The library is still in a beta stage as I am still migrating many components here.

ℹ️ This library has been implemented by me and for me, hence it is highly opinionated.



Install the package from npm or github packages:

yarn add -S @sergiogc9/react-ui-collections

Finally use any component from the UI library. These components must be used wrapped with the styled-components provider.


This package basically exports all the components together with all their necessary types. For example, related to the UserFeedback component, it exports the component itself and its related props types: UserFeedbackProps.

In order to see the components docs, there is no public storybook available yet, but you can start it locally. All component are documented using the storybook.