Servant testing that use playwright to running browsers for tests.

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Servant"> Servant playwright

Quick references: Command line, Node API, servant.json, dev-server

What is it?

Servant playwright is module that use playwright module from Microsoft to running tests against more browsers. Noy you can run test on these browsers: Chromium, Webkit and Firefox. This list can change as playwright is developing so actually supported browser you can find on playwright page. Playwright also support emulating devices. Actually list of devices can be found on device list.

Module is only wrapper and provide mapping playwright API on Servant api.


This module is optional for Servant and it's not installed when installing Servant because of size of browsers core. To use more complex testing run npm install @servant/servant-playwright --save-dev in root project (when servant is installed).

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Licensed under GPLv3

Playwright is licensed under Apache-2.0