Server-side (NodeJS based) implementation of the architecture (no modules included)

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  import serverStateServerBase from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@server-state/server-base';



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Server-side (NodeJS based) implementation of the server-base architecture (no modules included).

It manages server modules and can get attached to an express app, where it creates routes under /api/v1/, as specified in https://github.com/server-state/specs/blob/master/api/routes.md.


let app; // An express app

const ServerState = require('@server-state/server-base');

const server = new ServerState({
    logToConsole: true, // Log error messages to console, ...
    logToFile: false // ... but not to a file

// Add module under name 'raw'. Will add it to /api/v1/all and create /api/v1/raw
server.addModule('raw', require('@server-state/raw-module'), [

server.init(app); // Attach the server-state server to the express app

app.listen(8080); // "Start" the express app