Typescript Type Declarations that are common for Server State projects.

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  import serverStateTypes from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@server-state/types';



Typescript Type Declarations that are common for Server State projects.

Types are defined in the global ServerState namespace.


Using npm

npm install --save-dev @server-state/types

Using yarn

yarn add -D @server-state/types


This is not recommended as updates are not automated this way

Download the types.zip from the latest release and extract it in your project. This creates a types folder with an index.d.ts file.

Be sure to include the relative path to the types folder in your tsconfig.json's or jsconfig.json's types field:

    "compilerOptions": {
        // [...]
        "types": [
            // [...]
    // [...]

You can take a look at the sample directory for an example.


When the types are set up, you're able to use them in JavaScript files (using doc comments) and Typescript files. In both contexts, the ServerState namespace including the common types with full documentation will be available to you.

Inside Typescript

When the types are set up in the way described above, you'll be ready to go for typescript. The ServerState module with all common types is then globally available to you, meaning you can do something like:

let a: ServerState.ServerBase.Config;


Please refer to sample/ts-sample.ts for some more examples.

Inside JavaScript

To use the TypeScript language service, you'll need to add a tsconfig.json with "allowJS": true, "checkJS": true or a jsconfig.json file in your project folder. Then, you can use the types in your JSDoc comments in the following way:

 * @type {ServerState.SMF}
let a;


Please refer to sample/js-sample.js for some more examples.

Declared types

For a full overview of the declared types, please refer to https://server-state.github.io/types.