Compatibility layer for AWS

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  import serverlessNormalizeAws from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@serverless-normalize/aws';



The compatibility layer for AWS and @serverless-normalize.


normalize(callback: Function, options?: object): AWSLambda.APIGatewayProxyResult

The callback has a function signature of:

type Request = http.IncomingMessage & { originalEvent: AWSLambda.APIGatewayEvent };

type Callback = (
  request: Request,
  response: http.ServerResponse,
) => void

It is your responsibility to call response.end()!

options is optional and looks like this:

interface Options {
  binary?: boolean | string[] | Function;



This is the default behavior. Checks if response header Content-Encoding is set and equals to gzip, deflate or br and the response header Content-Type against those specified.


Turns off the default behavior, and doesn't base64-encode any content for you.


Adds the mime types to the list we will check the response header content-type against.


The callback has a signature of:

type BinaryCallback = (headers: http.OutgoingHttpHeaders) => boolean

Binary Mode

You can specify the Content-Types in the environmental variable BINARY_CONTENT_TYPES via a comma separated list.

See options.binary for more advanced configuration options.


Install @serverless-normalize/normalize and @serverless-normalize/aws for automatic AWS detection.

Standalone usage

To use this package without @serverless-normalize/normalize all you need to do is to import normalize from this package instead of the aforementioned.