Easily provision Layers for AWS Lambda using Serverless Components.

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Easily provision Layers for AWS Lambda using Serverless Components.


  1. Install
  2. Create
  3. Configure
  4. Deploy


1. Install

$ npm install -g @serverless/components

2. Create

$ mkdir my-layer && cd my-layer

in the case of a nodejs layer, the directory should look something like this:

|- code
  |- index.js     # the root of your library
  |- package.json # the main property should point to index.js in this example
|- serverless.yml
|- .env           # your development AWS api keys
|- .env.prod      # your production AWS api keys

the .env files are not required if you have the aws keys set globally and you want to use a single stage, but they should look like this.


3. Configure

# serverless.yml

name: my-layer
stage: dev

  component: "@serverless/aws-lambda-layer"
    name: my-layer
    description: My Serverless Layer
    code: ./code
    regoin: us-east-1
    runtimes: [ 'nodejs8.10' ] # the default is undefined (aka. all runtimes supported)

    # a path prefix to all the files that would be included in the package
    # this example would package a valid node dependency
    # since this is the path expected by aws
    prefix: nodejs/node_modules

    # if you'd like to include any files outside the codebase
      - ../external/file.js 

    # specifying an existing deployment bucket would optimise deployment speed
    # by using accelerated multipart uploads
    bucket: my-deployment-bucket

4. Deploy

layer (master)$ components

  myLayer › outputs:
  name:  'my-layer'
  description:  'My Serverless Layer'
  arn:  'arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:552760238299:layer:my-layer:1'

  29s › dev › my-layer › done

layer (master)$

For a real world example of how this component could be used, take a look at how the aws-lambda component is using it.


New to Components?

Checkout the Serverless Components repo for more information.