The Serverless Dashboard plugin

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Serverless Framework Enterprise Plugin

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To enable the various features of the Serverless Framework Enterprise for a particular Service you must deploy or redeploy that Service, using Serverless Framework open-source CLI version 1.45.1 or later.

  • If you are an existing Serverless Framework Enterprise dashboard user and have a previously deployed Service that you now want to configure to use Serverless Insights, Secrets or other Enteprise features, follow these steps to update an existing Service
  • If you are new to the Serverless Framework open source CLI or Serverless Framework Enterprise simply follow the steps in this new user getting started guide to get up and running

Upon deployment, the Serverless Framwork Enteprise Plugin will automatically wrap and instrument your functions to work with the Serverless Framework Enterprise dashboard.

Dev notes

Install dependencies and build SDK JS

npm i
cd sdk-js
npm i
npm run build
cd -


npm t
cd sdk-js
npm t
cd -

Integration tests

For integration tests run you need an access to integration dashboard organization, and generated for it access key.

Then tests can be run as:

SERVERLESS_ACCESS_KEY=xxx npm run integration-test

Release process

  • Create a PR updating version in package.json
  • Create a draft release on github with a change log
  • Have it approved & merge (Release is automatically published via CI)