service.js electron library

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  import serviceElectron from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@service/electron';



Code & package management

This repository contains the source code for all official service.js packages. The repository is managed using lerna, a tool for managing repostiories with multiple packages, which can have mutual dependencies.

It also uses yarn workspaces to correctly handle the shared and dependent node modules. Therefore, you must use yarn to install packages and execute commands. (However, you do not need to use yarn if you just use service.js in one of your projects).

Setting up the repository

To install all dependencies at the root level, run yarn install, then you can run lerna install to install the dependencies of all packages and link the package versions.

Bootstrapping a new package

There is a small helper script that will create a new package in the packages directory (if such a package does not yet exist). Run yarn run bootstrap-new-package <PACKAGE_NAME> and this will create the directory packages/<PACKAGE_NAME> and add all important core files. The package will be named @service/<PACKAGE_NAME>.

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License: MIT