Usage metrics of @servicetitan components

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import servicetitanComponentUsage from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@servicetitan/component-usage';



Use this package to report on component usage across your project.


Basic Usage

$ npm install --save-dev @servicetitan/component-usage
$ npx component-usage

Or for one-time use with no installation:

$ npx @servicetitan/component-usage


You must specify at least one "mode" option: --sendToDataDog, --outputDir, --teamCityOutput.

The examples below show the long form of each option (like --sendToDataDog), but short forms are available (like -s). To see all the long and short options, use --help.

Display help:

$ npx @servicetitan/component-usage --help

Generate stats files locally in the current directory:

$ npx @servicetitan/component-usage --outputDir .

Send metrics to DataDog:

$ npx @servicetitan/component-usage --sendToDataDog --dataDogApiKey ...API_KEY_GOES_HERE... --dataDogApplicationKey ...APP_KEY_GOES_HERE...

Porque no los dos?

$ npx @servicetitan/component-usage --outputDir . --sendToDataDog --dataDogApiKey ...API_KEY_GOES_HERE... --dataDogApplicationKey ...APP_KEY_GOES_HERE...

TeamCity output

$ npx @servicetitan/component-usage --teamCityOutput