Common API service library

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  import setelCommonService from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@setel/common-service';


Common Service


  • Load all data schemas
  • Create schemas for all components
  • Create input, output schemas for all operations
  • Validate schemas
  • Initialize validator


  • Auto-responds to OPTIONS / CORS requests
  • Injects CORS headers into response
  • Extacts operationId from URL
  • Parses request URL parameters into query object
  • Parses request body into mutation object
  • Matches operation for request
  • Executes operation
  • Stringify non-string result
  • Returns operation execution result


  • Sets operation context based on request
  • Normalizes parameters into query and mutation
  • Normalizes header names to lowercase
  • Authorizes request based on operation security
  • Validates input using input schema
  • Executes before action
  • Executes action
  • Executes after action
  • Validates output using output schema
  • Returns statusCode, headers and result to router