Official icon pack for the Seti theme

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<script type="module">
  import setithemeIcons from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@setitheme/icons';


Seti Icons

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The following examples show how to render the default basic html icon in various applications.

Font Files

For all applications, if you are using the included css file & web fonts, it is assumed that you are serving the webfont files from the root of your server. For example: https://setitheme.org/seti-icons/seti-icon.ttf

You can copy these files by running the following from the same level that you hav installed seti icons.

Yarn: yarn seti-icons copy -o path/to/public/dir

NPM: npm run seti-icons copy -o path/to/public/dir

For example:

  • cd my-project
  • yarn seti-icons copy -o public
  • Seti will then copy the following files to my-project/public/:
  • seti-icons/seti-icons.css
  • seti-icons/seti-icons.eot
  • seti-icons/seti-icons.scss
  • seti-icons/seti-icons.ttf
  • seti-icons/seti-icons.woff
  • seti-icons/seti-icons.woff2

Alternatively, you can download a bundle with all assets directly from the website: setitheme.org

Good Ol' Fashioned HTML + CSS

    <!-- Import the CSS file -->
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/icons/seti-icons.css" />
    <i className="seti-icon seti-icon-html"></i>


// Import CSS
import '@setitheme/static/icons/seti-icons.css';

// Use the icon same as in html once css is imported
return <i className="seti-icon seti-icon-html"></i>;


import '@setitheme/react';
<SetiIcon icon="react" />;


<SetiIcon icon="vue" />