Common React components for SfS web UIs

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  import sfstuebingenCurb from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@sfstuebingen/curb';



This is a Javascript library for building Web applications using React at the SfS. It contains generic components for rendering data into a concrete UI, and implements some conventions for styling those components. It also contains some utility functions that are useful in React projects.

Code structure

The code is grouped into directories by functionality. The directories under components contain React components; see the documentation in those directories for the components defined there.

In addition, there are several other files that contain code shared across the library:

  • errors.js: assorted error classes and handling functions
  • helpers.js: assorted common utility functions


Installing the package

The library is available as a package on NPM in the @sfstuebingen scope. To install the package, run

npm install --save '@sfstuebingen/curb'

in the directory containing your node_modules directory. (For internal projects at the SfS, this is probably webui.)

The library is shipped as ES2015 source code only. Consuming applications are expected to include whatever code they need from the library via their own build process.

When you use this library in another project, that project should also have the following NPM packages installed:

  • react
  • seamless-immutable
  • classnames

These are listed as peer dependencies in the package.json file. This means that this package depends on them, but installing the package will not install them automatically. Instead, you must manually ensure that they are installed. Consuming applications (for instance, any project based on the SfS' reactprojecttemplate repository) are likely to depend on these packages already, so you may already have them installed in your project. Listing them as peer dependencies helps prevent multiple versions from being installed, which causes problems with React in particular.

Importing and using the components and other code

In general, you should just import the object you want using the full path within this package to the file where it is defined:

import { makeByIdReducer } from '@sfstuebingen/curb/helpers;

As a shortcut, you can import any React component from the library from @sfstuebingen/curb/components, so you can leave off the name of the directory containing the component:

import { Button, Card } from '@sfstuebingen/curb/components';