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  import shadowskdShadowhandler from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@shadowskd/shadowhandler';


ShadowHandler: An andvanced command handler which make it easier for you to code. This handler have automated functions with bulks of features for you.

SKDCommands ::: It reads the given Directory and check for commands in each folder in it.

SKDCommands(Discord_Client(), DataBase, Directory, Global_Parameters)
Note:"Global_Parameters is not necessary"

Discord_Client(): Takes the Discord.Client() from your your main file.
DataBase: Uses "quick.db" for storing data regarding guild prefixes offline. When the bot restarts it fecthes GuildInfo from DB with the prefix.
Directory: Directory of commands.

Command Documentation: commandfile: It's module exports of the command. Module exports should have these properties. **commands, **Name, **execute, **Description, syntax, minArgs, maxArgs, permissions, permissionsError, requiredRoles, isDMCommand, parameters, isNAC, group, cooldown Note: ** These are are compulsion commands. Without these if the bot is started, it can cause errors. Properties Description: commands: Array or string of aliases. If message starts with any of the element in array of it, it will execute the command. Name: Name of the Command. execute: executable code for the command. It is the funtion which takes arguments of message, message_arguments, message_text and bot. "OR" execute(message,arguments,message_text,bot) Description: Description of the command. syntax: Usage of the command (without command Name) ex: syntax = '<argument_property>...' minArgs: Minimum number of arguments should be present for the command maxArgs: Maximum number of arguments that the command can take in. permissions: Array or string of permissions that the message user must have. Note: Don't use this property if isDMCommand is true or you don't know about permissions of members of discord. permissionsError: Gives this error to the message member when he don't have the permissions present in permissions. requiredRoles: Array or string of roles required for message member. isDMCommand: Boolean constant. If true then the command will execute even in Direct Messages. parameters: Object parameters --> { blacklist: [], whitelist: [], isMOC: false, AccessMembers: [], isOwnerOnly } blacklist: Array of channelIDs in which this command won't execute. whitelist: Array of channelIDs in which this command can only be executed. Note: If blacklist and whitelist are declared together then error will occur. isMOC: isMemberOnlyCommand , Boolean. When true , membersIDs present in AccessMembers can only access the command. Note: If no AccessMembers while isMOC is true, then error will occur. isOwnerOnly: If You are testing the command and don't want others to test command then use this command. isNAC: if your file ends with '.js' and The file is not an command file then just add property isNAC = true to the module exports of '.js' file. The file will not be readed. group: Name of the group in which the command is present. cooldown: Timeof cooldown for command. It should be number. The Number represents amount of time in seconds.

Group Documentation: groupFile: It's ".json" file have properties of the group folder. **GroupName: Name of group. , **GroupDescription: Description of the group. , isNAG: Boolean constant, if true, the file wont be considered as Group.

Update_log@v1.0.0: Global_Parameters: { avoidedChannels: []} - the bot won't execute on those channels.

Update_log@v1.0.1: Global_Parameters: { runConsole: Boolean <false_by_default>} - console logs the command when executed and when the execution is finished. Global_Parameters: { globalPrefix: String } - changes the default prefix of bot. Added welcome to GuildInfo: {Number} Different number represents Different method of welcome in Different Guilds. - Modify your Welcome Function to react Differently for Different numbers and set it from set command. new Function GuildData: Returns GuildData in form of Map. -Map details: Map(<guild.id>,GuildInfo) Default Key for DMs: 'DM' , GuildInfo = { prefix: '!' or globalPrefix } Default Key for guilds : guild.id , GuildInfo = { prefix: guildPrefix or '!' or globalPrefix Mods: [], welcome: Number guild: { name: guild.name id: guild.id } }

Debugs: Fixed DB issues due to wrong implementation in Presence Call.